A growing collection of pictorial experiments, thoughts made visible, and spatial concepts, derived from dreams, memories and the pursuit of
non-linear immersive narratives which hide in hidden realms of the imagination.

The Place Your Voice Found

Worlds created with words

Amazing, fictional worlds can now be excavated, shaped and brought out into the open. Thanks to Generative AI, a portal has emerged where pure imagination can finally be visually manifested.

The images and music in this video were all created from the same prompt:

A room interior containing colourful miniature toys with a hundred windows. The building has colourful stripes and ancient symbols, dancing in a magical pop wonderland, in the style of neon nouveau, pinks, oranges, yellows, cyan, lights and sparks, laser trails, smoke, emphasis on realistic, cinematic interior design, cinematic synthwave, --ar 16:9

As you move through these spaces in VR, your prompts will change the 3D space and modify the music in real time.

You can be architect, composer, artist and dreamer.

The Tiny Town of Tilted Towers

A place to build

In a tiny drop of fizzy water sits The Tiny Town of Tilted Towers. Deploy the vast Magnifier Of The Elders as you draw, pinch and drag a jewel like town into existence. Hover above the structures like a floating giant, waving to the teeny tiny residents below. You'll never see them, but you'll hear them cheer as you build their town.

Magic Mirror

How many versions of you are out there?

Who would you like to be? A multidimensional scientist? A lightspeed explorer? A waternaut? A lightning trader?
Ask the magic mirror. And it will show you.

Somewhere, A Yellow Tree Stands

Blurring the boundaries of anthropocentrism

Experiments in world building from fleeting thoughts and daydreams. Virtual reality, generative environments that evolve as you look and move around them. 

Worlds that thrive independently of human governance and intervention.

Neon Mind Palace

Where are our memories stored and how do we access them?

3D spatial environments where objects, furniture and light represent memories. When your eyes connect with an object, it reminds you of an experience.

Using virtual spaces as diaries to document and preserve the ephemeral happenings of life.

The Infinite Painted Face

Faces change during conversation 

Generative AI images produced from an AI model, trained on a dataset of my illustrations. Each day at 12.00pm, the model generates a face, based on a prompt which includes the day's date. The small, subtle change of numbers dramatically alters the decorations on the face.

This collection of faces will then be used to create a 3D 'digital twin' which can be visually manipulated in a spatial environment through conversation, spoken prompts and digital drawing tools.

            Enter the world of a

                       pyjama           dancing magician....








See life           through Teebo's eyes      and create a world of pure imagination var contentArray = printText.split('/n');
contentArray, function(index, newLine) {
anything is possible('<span style="display:block;" id="'+index+'"></span>');





Weird Kid Wanderland

iPad Illustrations based on made up children's songs

These images were inspired by songs and stories inspired by childhood. Digital drawing, fused with coloured paper models.

All of the ideas above have been outputted, by training an AI with this set of images.

The Wind Loon

Ludo Dazzle The Toy Collector

Uncle Flansweet And The Chin Guardian

Clifford Nubbin's Disco Fingers

Mr Feetzoid Balloonarumble

The Ship Of Midnight Feasts

The Den Of Unboxed Dreams

🎵When we jumped in that room, we banished the gloom and gave brand new names to our toys
With Midpaws and Fyly and Little Fink Skyly, we mustered an army of joys

At tinkernail ships we spat the fruit pips, as we battled across the stars
FIZZGOG THAK! The old team is back! We’ll keep all our wins in the jars

With her cool lazer popper, no one can stop her, filling the room with those beams
They bounce and go LOO LARR! Suzi plays Galactar, in the Den of Unboxed Dreams

But as real as the sun, was our tumbling fun, all things do end so it seems
This time we would keep, in our memories so deep, from the Den of Unboxed Dreams🎵

About The Creator

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I am  passionate about good visual storytelling through art and technology.  My work is inspired by mythology and immersion, and this site serves as a resource to help you tell your own visual stories, whether that's through Generative AI image making, filmmaking or experimental video .